Hello Flo Ad's Awkward First Moon Party Tackles Periods in the Most Hilarious Way

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Being behind on the puberty train is sometimes a bummer...watch what happens when this girl takes matters into her own hands in the most hilarious and clever tampon/maxi pad/first period ad ever.

She fakes it. Fake it 'til you make it, right?

Except her mom isn't so keen on being lied to, so she retaliates with a horrific "first moon party" to celebrate her daughter's entry into womanhood.

It's all there – a vagician, uterus shaped pinata, pin the pad on the period and...grandparents. Shudder.

Well played, HelloFlo. You may recall their clever Camp Gyno ad from last year that made headlines? We have to give them a slow clap of gratitude for replacing perky ladies playing sports while riding the crimson wave or girls dancing gleefully in white pants while wearing a whale of a maxi pad. Those images have been done to death.

Puberty is awkward and weird enough to navigate, so why not inject some comedy into the whole thing?

Becoming the Camp Gyno

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