"My Date With Harry Styles" Cardboard Cutout Romance is the Closest Most of Us Will Come to Dating Harry

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This girl is living the dream...going out on a date with Harry Styles and even capturing the whole thing on video to prove it.

Only Harry was really quiet. And flat. And stiff. Quite like a life-sized cardboard cutout, really. Oh, because it was a One Direction cardboard Harry! You can't blame a girl for trying to make her Hazza love a reality, but we imagine she got some pretty interesting looks from people. Awkward.

Colleen Sullivan shared her video online, writing: "Harry Styles took me on a date in Los Angeles. I should clarify: Cardboard cutout Harry Styles. That's right. You can watch our awkward and uncomfortable first date here."

She also made an Instagram account to chronicle her adventures with Harry at LALIFEOFSTYLES, so check out all the pics. Colleen definitely gets bonus points for creativity.

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