This Is Sealand, the World's Smallest Nation and It's For Sale

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Have you ever dreamed of just getting away from it all and moving to some island somewhere? Well, here's your chance. Sort of.

Sealand, which touts itself as the world's smallest nation, lies six miles off the eastern shores of Britain and it's not as much of an island as it is a platform on top of two pillars, but people DO live there.

There are apparently 22 residents (how?!) and they even have their own Royal Family, currency and postage stamps and football team, which obviously plays a lot of away games.

It's even (kinda) famous. A music video was filmed there last year. If you don't feel like watching the whole thing, picture living your entire life in an episode of Deadliest Catch. That about sums it up. It does have a nice view, though...

Anyway, Sealand is reportedly for sale and while you couldn't pay us to live there, they're hoping someone will shell out a pretty hefty price to purchase it. The island or nation or whatever you wanna call it is for sale for a whopping $906 MILLION.

We're not sure if that comes furnished, or includes the residents, but since we don't have an extra $906,000,000 burning a hole in our pockets, that isn't something we'll have to worry about.

On a more affordable note, you can become a count or countess for about $340 or purchase a piece of territory for just $34. Or you can not do either of those things and just watch this video for free.

(h/t Tastefully Offensive)
Buying Your Own Private Island
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