What the Zuck? Facebook Down Globally During Brief Outage, Trends on Twitter

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While you were sleeping, the world's biggest social media site was off the grid. In case you missed it, Facebook crashed around 4 a.m. ET this morning.

When you tried to log in, instead of being greeted by friend requests or your newsfeed, millions of users in the United Kingdom, India, Israel and the US got this message instead:Facebook Down error message With Facebook on the fritz, lonely people desperate for some social interaction online instead turned to Twitter, where #FacebookDown and #WhenFacebookWasDown began trending globally.
Some people actually even had to talk to other humans in person, instead of online. Companies like Nestle were quick to capitalize on Facebook's crash, with clever Tweets like this. Facebook was back up in less than 30 minutes, but it's rather ironic considering the site's creator Mark Zuckerberg has claimed the site was incapable of crashing, which was portrayed in The Social Network in this memorable scene.

Hope that slice of humble pie he's having for breakfast today is delicious!
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