Mindy Kaling Says Coding is Cool, Wants an App to Decode Boys

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Mindy Kaling is a woman of many talents...she's an actress, producer, director and author, but there's one thing she admits she can't do: code.

The Office star spoke at Google's Made With Code launch event Thursday in NYC to explain the importance of young girls learning to code. "I think coding is cool, but most girls don't. Less than 1 percent of high school girls see computer science as part of their future," she shared.

And that's too bad, because Mindy has some great ideas for apps, but she has no idea how to make one herself. "Here are my app ideas: What's His Deal? An app that takes a picture of a guy and tells you what's his deal. Married? Single? Weirdo? What's his car like? Shazam for Perfumes. Facts-Bender: an app that tells you periodic facts about Michael Fassbender," she joked.

Hey, we would definitely download her first app idea! A pregnant Chelsea Clinton also spoke at the launch event, which was sponsored by Girls Who Code who got a special shout out from Mindy.

You can teach yourself code and it's actually fun...plus, think how impressed your classmates will be after summer break when you show off your new skills. Click over to the Made With Code to design your very own bracelet which will be printed in 3-D and mailed to you and to find coding events in your local area. See, coding and computer science can actually be super stylish!
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