Nobody Is Impressed With Lady Gaga's Dog Dress-Up Sesh

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Lady Gaga loves her new dog, Asia, there is no doubt about that. While we're not sure what happened to her old dog, Fozzi Bear, Mother Monster has been taking her role as dog mom to Asia pretty seriously.

Asia has been accompanying the singer on her current tour and has been living the life - private jets, chauffeured cars, the whole nine.

A lot of people, however, have not been happy with some of the pics and videos Gaga has been posting on her Instagram account. One video, which made people particularly mad, showed little Asia "dancing" as Gaga flung her around in the air.

She has also been dressing Asia up in tutus and other dog clothes. During their latest dress-up session, however, Lady Gaga decided to put some of her jewelry on the dog, which included a necklace, a bracelet and clip-on earrings. Anyone who has ever worn clip-on earrings knows those things hurt like hell, so imagine how painful that would be on a dog's thin little ear.

Fans completely freaked out when they saw the photos, calling her actions "cruel" and "inhumane." A rep for PETA also condemned the actions, saying in a statement to RadarOnline that, "Lady Gaga may choose to decorate herself with elaborate and even uncomfortable outfits, but Asia doesn't get to make that choice."

Check out the photos below and tell us what you think.


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