Teen Suspended for Sarcastic Tweet About a Teacher, Now Suing the School District

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Sarcasm is like air to us – we need it to live. We know we're not alone, but realize that sarcasm sometimes doesn't translate well. But has it ever landed you in hot water?

One teen found out the hard way that taking a joking tone on Twitter, especially when it had to do with a touchy subject area, didn't quite get the laugh he intended from his school. They suspended him. But he's fighting back because...it was meant as a joke.

So, here's what happened. Star Tribune reports that Reid Sagehorn got an anonymous tweet that said he was "making out" with a teacher at Rogers High School and he (sarcastically) responded, "Yeah, actually."

The honor student and athlete was initially suspended for 5 days for "damaging a teacher's reputation" and, upon further investigation, the suspension was increased to 10 days and then seven weeks.

Reid filed a lawsuit claiming a violation of his First and 14th Amendment rights. The whole incident cost him a basketball captainship, his spot on the baseball team and forced him to change schools to escape the drama.

In the lawsuit, it states: "Reid's posting was meant to be taken in jest. This was a mistake. ... He never intended for anyone to believe his post."

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