Luke Bryan Fans Prove They Aren't as Messy as Kenny Chesney Fans, Locals Still Aren't Impressed

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All of this trash looks like a picture from the muddy mess of Woodstock '94, but it's not. It's a photo from Luke Bryan's stadium show in Pittsburgh, PA on Saturday, June, 21.

While city officials did all they could to try and stop the country music, cowboy boots-wearing fans from trashing the city, it obviously wasn't enough. Somehow fans still managed to leave the place looking anything other than what it looked like when they got there.

Don't worry, this isn't the most garbage the city's seen from a summertime concert. Kenny Chesney's fans are known to WRECK the city of steel the most when he plays there, too. He took this year off, so now it's Luke's fans turn to take over. Officers said there was trash from Kenny's show the whole way up to their waists last year. Yuck. Who knew rednecks were so messy?

In order to stop a trashy mess like that from building up after Luke's show this year, Pittsburgh city peeps created guidelines for the concert-goers to follow like a one-hour after the show curfew and no glass bottles rules. It looked like those helped the problem a little bit, but there was still a ton of trash left over from the fans...hence the picture above.

Those that aren't necessarily Luke fans have been pretty outspoken about the messy matter online. Mostly saying country music fans are ridiculous...and drunken pigs. We don't know about you, but we've never seen this type of mess leaving a 12-year-olds-filled Taylor Swift show...or even a hippy-infested Dave Matthews Band one. Your thoughts?

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