Jaden Smith Sleeps With Pet Snakes That He Calls His "Girlfriends"?!

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We always knew Jaden Smith was unique (he did wear a white Batman costume to KimYe's wedding after all), but we didn't realize that he likes snuggling with reptiles!

Apparently, his sister Willow Smith keeps snakes as pets and Jaden likes them, too. "Willow is obsessed with snakes," a source tells UsWeekly. "She has 10 sleeping in her room, and some aren't in cages!" Well, that's pretty creepy...almost as creepy as the fact that Jaden lets the slithery guys get in the bed with him.

"They slither into his bed and curl up with him," the source says, adding that the 15-year-old actor refers to the snakes as his "girlfriends." We wonder how his rmakeout partner Kylie Jenner feels about that!

Actually, she's probably cool with it, considering she recently posted a pic of herself holding baby snakes. In fact, they were probably Willow and Jaden's!

Aww, his real-life girlfriend holding his reptilian "girlfriends." That's ssssssso ssssssssssssweet.
A Shirtless Jaden Smith Poses In Bed With Kylie Jenner

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