This Dog Does the Cutest Thing When She Gets in the Car

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Some dogs love cars, some dogs hate them and some dogs decide based on the route. They might love the first half of the trip and once you make the dreaded turn onto the groomer or the vet's street, all bets are off.

Of course, there is the ever-popular sticking your head out the window that a lot of dogs like to do, too, which we happen to think is hilarious whether the snout is sticking out of our car or a fellow driver's.

This dog, however, doesn't fit into any of the standard canine car passenger categories. She doesn't particularly love the whole car thing, but she doesn't necessarily hate it, either.

"The most annoyingly cute thing ever," the owner captioned this video, which shows how his dog Shiro copes with her fear of car rides.

We're not gonna lie...if she was a human, she would be THE most annoying, needy girlfriend there ever was, but since it's a dog doing the nagging, it instead becomes the cutest thing there ever was. Funny how that works.

Anyway, Shiro should totally hook up with Tommy, the dog in the video below. He's super cute, hates car rides, too, and clearly isn't afraid of a little passenger PDA, either.

(h/t Dog Heirs)
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