New Bill Aims to Ban Tiger Selfies in New York

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Who knew tiger selfies were actually a thing? We see a whole lot of selfies where people are posing with their pet cat, but it looks like big cats are the new selfie stars. Well, they were, anyway.

Tons of guys started posting pics where they were hugging or even cuddling with the large animals and legislators in New York were not feeling it. They actually went so far as to pass a bill banning tiger selfies in the state entirely. According to the bill, they can not be hugging, patting or otherwise touching a tiger in their pics.

"They can still pose with bears and monkeys," one Assemblywoman explained to the New York Post. "They just have to take big cats off their list."

Apparently, the tiger selfies were a popular choice for dating profile pics for guys who wanted to appear sensitive, brave or whatever they were going for.

If the bill is signed into law, posing for a tiger selfie in New York could carry a fine of up to $500. Not that we're trying to find a loophole because this does seem really dangerous, but what if someone takes a tiger selfie in another state, but lives in New York and posts it on Tinder? Then what?

In the meantime, these guys are obviously willing to take their chances.

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