Was the Story About the 3-Year-Old Getting Kicked Out of KFC a Big Hoax?

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**UPDATE: KFC has concluded their investigation and determined that there is no evidence to support the story. Click for more details**

Of all the awful things someone might do. Remember that story about the 3-year-old girl getting kicked out of a KFC restaurant because an employee told her that her face was scaring the other diners?

The internet was in a collective uproar after the "news" got out and everyone rallied behind this little girl who was brutally attacked by three pit bulls, leaving her permanently disfigured.

According to the GoFundMe page for Victoria Wilcher, she lost her right eye, suffered a broken upper and lower jaw and was left unable to move the entire right side of her face after the attack.

The page has raised almost $135,000 for the little girl and KFC even donated $30,000 toward her medical bills to help right the wrong that supposedly happened in their restaurant.

Turns out, the whole thing might have been a big hoax. The Clarion-Ledger reports that sources close to the situation exclusively told the Laurel Leader-Call the whole thing was completely fabricated.

For starters, there is no surveillance video from the restaurant in question (or any others nearby) to show that they were there on the day they claimed, no transactions matching what the grandmother said she ordered (sweet tea, mashed potatoes and gravy) were registered that day and many other details just don't seem to match up.

The family is currently sticking by the story, posting on the Victoria's Victories and GoFundMe pages this morning promising it is not a hoax and saying that it isn't over until KFC releases the result of their investigation.

We're eagerly awaiting those results and we bet the people who have contributed to the $135,000 fund are even more anxious to see what KFC says.

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