Kim Kardashian (Accidentally?) Frees the Nipple

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Kim Kardashian punk'd everyone today and pretended like she had bleached her hair blonde, which wouldn't have been terrible (we actually like her as a blonde), but her eyebrows were still dark brown and it looked really bad.

Anyway, now we know why she didn't do the eyebrows - she was just playing dress up. "It's just a wig! Looks so real though right?" she captioned this photo (see the uncensored version here).

Yes, it does, actually and it fooled pretty much everyone but - hold up - is that a nipple?! Perhaps Kim was going for the whole "my long hair is covering just enough boob to tease you" thing, except that some strands got pushed to the side and that sheer top or whatever it was completely failed in the cover-up department.

It kind of looks like the cameo was unplanned, but does someone who spends FOUR days picking a filter for an Instagram photo really accidentally post a picture of her full-on nipple?

Fans have not been very forgiving of the possibly-on-purpose nip slip and we're actually kind of curious to see if Instagram ends up pulling the photo. After all, Rihanna unintentionally set the "no nipples on Instagram" precedent, so she might have something to say if it stays.
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