Shhhhh! The Baby Is Sleeping: Kim Kardashian Silences Paparazzi So North West Can Nap

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The paparazzi can be very annoying. They say all kinds of crazy things to celebrities - they yell at them, they insult them, they do whatever they need to to try to get some kind of acknowledgement or, if they're really lucky, a reaction. Even getting flipped off can mean big money for these guys, so they'll take whatever they can get.

Kim Kardashian is obviously one of the most sought after paparazzi targets and when she has her daughter North West with her, things get even more intense. Paps are always clamoring to get a pic of that beautiful little baby and since she's most often covered by a blanket when she's out in public, good paparazzi pics of her are pretty hard to come by.

That being the case, when Kim showed up to the airport with little Nori in tow, a paparazzi frenzy ensued. The group was yelling things at Kim and asking her all sorts of stupid questions and then Kim told them to 'shut the f**k up' in the nicest way possible. "Can you guys just not say anything? My daughter is sleeping," the 33-year-old mom pleaded with them.

And in one fell swoop, Kim achieved the impossible. She completely silenced a whole group of anxious photogs, except for one guy who apparently decided the rules didn't apply to him.

Still, she shut the whole bunch of them up without having to go all Kanye West on them. Well done, Kim.

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