There Is a Dog Meat Festival in China and Ian Somerhalder Is Not Amused

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Believe it or not, there is a dog meat festival that goes down in China every year.

Yulin's annual dog meat festival is a tradition that dates back generations to celebrate the summer solstice, according to CNN, and at it people eat man's best friend. According to the network, activists have said about 10,000 dogs are killed for the festival, and dog meat is a part of the "daily diet" there.

"Don't you eat beef? If you stop eating beef, then we'll stop eating dog meat," one man reportedly yelled after getting frustrated with the media's attention on the Dong Kou open market, where even cats are sold as food.

In Yulin, "crispy skin dog meat" is a delicacy, with a butcher telling the network, "This is our tradition and we are used to eating dog. It's our culture and we won't change ... It's tasty! But we won't kill our pet." By pet, she meant her own dog who was in the shop while she was chopping up other dogs, which are sold for $6 a kilogram.
CHINA-ANIMAL-RIGHTSAnimal rights activists have tried to stop dog meat consumption across China and have boycotted the festival, even spending their life savings to rescue abandoned animals. But, CNN reports that canceling the festival is at the top of their list.

Once news of the dog festival surfaced, Ian Somerhalder tweeted about it, writing, "NO DOG MEAT FESTIVAL!PLS STOP!RETWEET LIKE MANY ANIMALS' LIVES DEPEND ON IT-THEY DO!YOU'RE BETTER THAN THIS CHINA!," he wrote in all caps, tweeting a link to CNN's article about it.

In addition to his role on the Vampire Diaries, Ian is an environmentalist and animal activist, most recently urging Congress to end the commercial trade of ivory and poaching of elephants.
Dog Meat Festival in China City Angers Some Animal Rights Activists
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