Elderly Couple Turns Car Accident into Photo Shoot After Car Flips Over

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What do you do after you narrowly escape a life-threatening accident? Engage in an impromptu photo shoot.

That is, if you're this elderly couple, who decided to pose for pics with their car after it flipped over in the middle of a Los Angeles street.

In the snap, Ben Neufeld - who is rocking his pants seriously high – stands beside the blue Honda with a smile – as his wife sits inside, behind the wheel, wearing shades. The car is sitting completely on one side, and his wife is still in it because she was stuck there, according to NBC Los Angeles.

As evidenced by her demeanor in the shots, Ben's wife was "cool as a cucumber" after the car rolled onto the driver's side door when it struck a curb. He was in their Bel-Air home at the time and went outside when he heard what sounded like someone moving a garbage can.

"I was concerned of course, but everyone was just standing around and she was chatting with them, so I just joined the conversation," Ben told the outlet. "I didn't do very much. There wasn't much to do." She even asked her husband for her purse so she could use her cellphone – while she was still in there.

"We were able to chat very comfortably and conveniently," he said. "Eventually, they fished her out and towed the car away and here we are."

Then, they headed inside and ate dinner. YOLO.

Elderly Couple Poses For Photos After Car Accident

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