Guy Gets Dumped After a Pair of Women's Underwear Lands in His Laundry

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There is nothing sexy about the laundromat. For starters, you're surrounded by other people's dirty underwear and smelly socks, which is never ideal. Then, you and all of the smelly clothes owners are stuck sitting in a generally uncomfortable chair while your garments soak and spin and do whatever they do in those machines.

For this guy, however, it was almost a sexy experience because some girl may or may not have been hitting on him. The only problem is that he clearly had no idea and when he got home, his GIRLFRIEND was not impressed.

In this post on the laundromat's "Lost & Found" board, this newly-single guy actually hung the underwear up with a note explaining that he got dumped when the rogue pair of panties found their way into his basket and he unknowingly brought them home.

To be fair, we probably would have freaked out if we were that girlfriend, too, but we feel really bad for the guy. The good news is that there is an honest guy out there (he did try to return the underwear) who also does his own laundry. Our guess is that he won't be single for long.

(h/t Huffington Post)
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