Was Katy Perry Mocking Paris Hilton in Her "Birthday" Video?

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Katy Perry just released previously unseen footage from her "Birthday" video, featuring the "Princess Mandee" character who looks REALLY familiar.

In the original video, the selfie-snapping blonde was like totally talking all valley girl and stuff, but we didn't really hear enough from her to pinpoint who she reminded us of...although now that we look back on it, the "Happy birthday b**ches!" was a pretty big clue.

Anyway, in this new 4-minute clip, we get to know Mandee a little bit better. Not only does she look a lot like Paris Hilton, her voice sounds exactly the same.

She also talks about recently meeting a guy who taught her a lot about spirituality and we all remember when Paris was spotted out and about with that Buddhist guru.

Also in the video, she references partying at 1 Oak, a popular celebrity hotspot that the real-life heiress is frequently spotted at.

There some other similarities, but they're a little too generic to really pinpoint them to Paris. Still, we can't get over the hair and the voice and the fact that she totally looks like Paris with that wig on. We had never seen the resemblance before.

And hey, don't worry, Paris. If the pretty princess was inspired by you, it's not the worst thing in the world. In fact, we pity the person who inspired this long-boobed (former) Las Vegas showgirl.

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