Cambio Q and A With McClain (Plus Find Out Their Celeb Crushes)

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The McClain sisters aren't going anywhere, except up.

China, Sierra and Lauryn may have parted ways with Hollywood Record last year, but that isn't going to stop them from pursuing their dreams. They put out their hot single "He Loves Me" last December and are just about to headline their first show at the House of Blues Anaheim on June 29.

C: What inspired you three to be singers?
Sierra: "Our parents met singing before they got together, a lot of their songs really inspired us. Our dad is a music producer so there was always music playing around the house."

C: Did you all have a Plan B if singing didn't work out?
Lauryn: "Probably be a lawyer, an entertainment lawyer."
Sierra: "I really love kids so I'd be a child psychologist."
China: "I can't imagine myself doing anything, but I'd have to be an artist- some sort of artist."

C: You released "He Loves Me" last December - anything you can tell us about a full album?
Lauryn: "We're really working on it. We're independent as of right now, We just signed with new management. Things are taking a bit of a time, but it's a good [amount of] time. We're doing the best we can to get as much music out as possible. We'll have some new music on our show on Sunday, we'll introduce the kids to at least something new."

C: Both your parents have been in the music business, what's the best advice they've given you?
Sierra : "The one that helps me the most is to stay grounded, never compromise your morals for anything because you can take that anywhere in life no matter what field you're in."
China: "Our parents definitely taught us to hang in there because this industry is hard, especially growing up in it, but I love what I do, and they tell me just remember why you started doing it in the first place. Always go back to that same love that you have before you started."
Lauryn: "Probably stay grounded to who you are as a person and never change for anybody."
China: "As a group, they've always told us to stick together and love each other and have each other's back as well."

C: Singing and dancing is your obvious talent, but do any of you have any hidden talents?
Lauryn: "China can actually really draw. If you saw some of her drawing - she can really draw."

C: There are so many good-looking guys in Hollywood, but who makes it onto your celeb crush list?
China: "I love Zac Efron."
Lauryn: "I don't have that many yet, but Ansel Elgort."
Sierra: "Mine always changes, but Channing Tatum."

C: Lastly, what do you want to say to your fans?
McClain: "You guys have been so patient hanging in there with us! We love you guys, we're not going to disappoint you and we're definitely putting out new music."

More info on the girls' first headlining show at House of Blues Anaheim on June 29 here.


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