Meet the DigiStars: Advice That Every Ryan Beatty Fan MUST Read

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DigiFest NYC was hot, and we're not just talking about the temperature at Citi Field. YouTube singing sensation, 17-year-old Ryan Beatty, with his perfectly coiffed hair and retro chic Ray-Bans, chatted with us as his name was being screamed from left to right by dedicated Digifans. Check out his channel and these fun facts about Ryan.

1. Hottest apps he's using this summer: Netflix and Snapchat

2. Favorite shows on Netflix: Orange Is the New Black and Breaking Bad

3. Three words he'd use to describe himself:

4. Best piece of career advice he's received:


"With my music, the best piece of advice I've ever gotten is to take your time and don't feel rushed. I feel that a lot of kids nowadays feel that they have to take a shortcut and become viral. That's not the goal for me. At the end of the day this is something that I want to do for a long time. I want to have longevity, and I want to live my life doing this, not just short-term. There's ups and downs to it, but no matter what, I'm going to take my time with it."

Check out more of Ryan's latest videos, like the one below!


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