Chelsea Houska Shows Off Her Incredible Bikini Body

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It's bikini season and Chelsea Houska is READY. We knew the Teen Mom 2 star had lost a whole bunch of weight recently and that she'd been working really hard on her diet and exercise regimen,!

Chelsea is usually pretty covered up, so the fact that she even posted this bikini pic is kind of crazy, although with a body like that, we can't help but wonder why she hasn't posted more.

We have to give her credit, though, because it kind of makes it more awesome when she finally does post one since she isn't blowing up our feed with her bikini bod all day, every day.

"Haven't had a Sunday funday in a looong a** time...and d**n do I need it," she captioned the shot. She's also flipping the bird - which might be a message to the haters (does Chelsea even have any haters?)

Maybe it's to her ex-boyfriend and baby daddy Adam Lind who would have been able to ogle the photo to see what he was missing out on, except that when she posted it on Sunday, he was behind bars. Maybe he'll see it when he's released. We're not sure what the standard post-jail release routine is, but checking your Instagram feed is probably somewhere on the list.

What do you guys think of Chelsea's transformation? Some people have said they think she actually looks a little TOO thin. Do you agree or do you think she looks good?
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