Prince Harry Visits Children in Chile, Dances to Katy Perry's "Firework"

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We know, we know...Prince William and Kate Middleton are absolutely amazing and perfect in every way, but if we had to pick one Royal to hang out with, it would definitely be Prince Harry.

Everyone's favorite redhead (sorry, Ed Sheeran) has never been afraid to let loose and have a little fun. A little too much fun, in some cases. He's even been lovingly nicknamed "The Party Prince" by fans.

In fact, Harry caused a bit of a Royal scandal when he was photographed during a naked billiards game in a Las Vegas hotel suite a few years ago. Since then, he's still been having fun, but the much less controversial kind.

For example, he was reportedly twerking at a friend's wedding back in May. Probably not something the Queen would fully endorse, but hey, a little bit of booty-shaking never hurt anyone.

This week, Harry was showing off his dance moves yet again, except that these were much more kid-friendly, which MIGHT have had something to do with the fact that he was hanging out with a bunch of kids.

During a visit to the Fundacion Amigos de Jesus (which provides daycare for severely disabled children) in Chile on Sunday, Harry busted a move to Katy Perry's "Firework" and it made us love him even more.

First, there is the fact that his dance moves were as adorably awkward as we expected them to be. Whenever he got lost on the choreography, he would do this little squat-clap thing and it was super cute.

Even more importantly, though, we loved the fact that he was willing to maybe feel a little bit embarrassed if it meant putting smiles on those kids' faces. Mission accomplished on the smile front. Thank you, Harry, for making our day by making theirs.
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