Why Is Doing Something "Like a Girl" Such a Bad Thing?

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"You hit like a girl...you fight like a girl...you run like a girl...you throw like a girl." So what?! Are you insulting us? What's so wrong with doing anything "like a girl," anyway? Nothing, actually and this poignant video by Procter & Gamble is aimed at proving that point.

At the beginning of the clip, they ask a variety of adults to do certain things "like a girl." As expected, their demonstrations fit the stereotype of exactly what we're taught to believe doing anything "like a girl" means. It's dainty, it's completely lacking any sort of strength whatsoever and it's kind of a clumsy, cutesy take on whatever the activity is.

The second group of "like a girl" demonstrators was comprised of young girls and their take on what the phrase means was a stark contrast to what the group of older people thought. Seems a little strange, right?

Finally, a disturbing explanation appears on the screen:

Basically, the girls who hadn't hit puberty yet believed that doing something "like a girl" meant doing it and being awesome at it. The older people had been indoctrinated to believe exactly the opposite.

One little girl showed she had more insight on the subject than most adults when she was asked what it means to run like a girl. "It means run as FAST as you can," she confidently answered.

When the older group was enlightened about how devastating their concept of doing things "like a girl" can be to young women during such a critical development phase, they were shocked. Many even wanted to redo their demos to show what doing things like a girl REALLY means.

One of the girls put it perfectly when she asked what young girls should do the next time they're told they're doing something like a girl. "Keep on doin' it," she urged. Enough said.

Ad Campaign Asks to Rethink The Meaning of 'Like a Girl'

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