This Guy's Entire Family Recreated His Bathroom Selfie

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Snapping (and posting) selfies used to be a lot more fun before our moms started joining Facebook and Instagram.

Now, when you snap a good shot, you have to explain it to your mother at the dinner table when she asks "why did you post that picture of yourself in the bathroom, honey?" It's called a selfie, mom, and if you knew anything about them, you'd know that the bathroom mirror is THE place to snap them.

We're not sure how this guy's family found out about his bathroom selfie, but they did and they decided that just straight-up making fun of him would not suffice.

Each family member snapped their own knit cap, superhero tanktop selfie and the results were amazing. The original selfie-snapper is in the middle and he's surrounded by each family member's identical snap.

To make matters worse, his sister took the liberty of posting it on Reddit for everyone to see. We would be totally mortified if we were this guy, but if his sense of humor is anything like the rest of his family, he probably thought it was pretty funny.

(h/t Elite Daily)
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