Above the Law? Truck Driver Pulls Cop Over for Speeding

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We all know the feeling when you see the red and blues flashing behind you. The car is quickly filled with the sound of four-letter words and you take inventory of everything you might have done wrong as they approach the vehicle. Then, the dreaded moment arrives when they appear at your window and - well, you know the drill...

"Do you know what the speed limit is in this area?" Yes, officer. "Do you know how fast you were going?" I don't know, officer, I really thought I was driving the speed limit, my cruise control must be broken. "Was that a cell phone I saw in your hand?" Oh absolutely not, I would never talk on the phone and drive.

Lies, lies and more lies! So, what happens when a cop gets pulled over? Turns out, they panic and try to talk their way out of it the same way we do.

This truck driver used his horn to pull over a cop that he claims was speeding AND talking on his cell phone while he was cruising down the highway.

The officer is clearly annoyed and the situation gets a little tense at times, but the trucker doesn't back down. It's also pretty funny to watch the cop try (unsuccessfully) to turn the tables back around after they've been turned on him.
Man Tries to Pull Cop Over For Not Wearing Seatbelt
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