Battle of the Human Barbies: Meet Miami's Lacey Wildd and Ukraine's Other Living Doll

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This isn't your typical Barbie.

Mom of six Lacey Wildd (aka Paula Simonds) is giving human Barbie Valeria Lukyanova some competition with her own desires to transform into the popular doll. According to the Huffington Post, the Miami native just underwent her 36th (!) cosmetic surgery procedure to try to look just like Ken's ladylove.

"I want to be an adult Barbie, like the extreme Barbie," the 46-year-old said when she appeared on TLC's My Strange Addiction. "I'm known as one of the most extreme plastic surgery patients in the world and I want to keep pushing the limits."

Lucy's procedures have cost over a quarter of a million dollars and include liposuction and operations to make her nose look thinner and her eyes appear wider. She's also had 12 breast augmentation surgeries that have made her boobs so big, each one weighs 21 pounds.

And she's only just begun. "I still want bigger boobs and a bigger butt! I don't think I'll ever be finished. Plastic makes perfect!' she reportedly said., according to the Daily Mail. "'I'm proud to be plastic. I'm not just obsessed with my boobs. I'm obsessed with the entire look. I'm looking for the perfect body."

Lacey isn't the only one. Alina Kovalevskaya, Valeria's former friend who is also from Odessa, Ukraine, has been making waves with her YouTube videos because of her striking physical similarities to Barbie.

Alina told the Huffington Post she loves trying new looks and now has her eyes on Barbie. "I consider big eyes, small noses and small plump lips as beautiful." The 21-year-old blonde said, adding that she and Valeria are no longer friends because of a "negative attitude" Valeria had towards her.

According to the site, Alina avoids sunbathing to keep her milky-white complexion and often wears contact lenses to give the effect of a doll stare.

My Strange Addiction: Lacey Wildd

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