Kendall Jenner Banned From Jaden Smith's House?

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We know that Jaden Smith keeps up with the Kardashians pretty much wherever they go. For starters, he is frequently hanging out at the family's Calabasas home, where rumored girlfriend Kylie Jenner lives, which could be expected.

He also attended Kim Kardashian's wedding in Italy and was most recently spotted at Kourtney Kardsahian's new house for North West's first birthday party.

Surely, they must spend their fair share of time at Jaden's house, too, right? Kylie probably does, but a new report by Star magazine claims that Kendall Jenner is not welcome in the Smith household.

"Jada took an instant dislike to Kendall; she's got a rude mouth on her," a source tells the mag. "The way she spoke to Jada's housekeeper was atrocious and arrogant." Kendall - atrocious and arrogant?!

Apparently, what really put Jada over the edge was Kendall rolling her eyes and huffing when the housekeeper asked her if she wanted sweetener for her tea. Seems like a fair enough question, no? The report goes on to say that Jaden actually had to tell Kylie that Kendall couldn't come over anymore.

We can't imagine Kendall acting like that. At all. They must have housekeepers or other assistants at their house, too, shouldn't she have more respect than that? GossipCop did some digging and a source tells them that the mag's story is "far from any truth whatsoever." Good.

Then again, with all of the snakes that Jaden has slithering around the house, we wouldn't blame Kendall if she actually CHOOSES not to hang out over there.
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