Move Over, Instagram: Snapchat Has Its Own Group of Rich Kids

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Every social media site is plagued by their own group of obnoxious rich people whose sole purpose in life seems to be making "peasants" feel bad about themselves. Come to think of it, there were probably obnoxious, ostentatious posters on MySpace way back in the day.

Now, Snapchat has their own group of rich kids and their attitudes are even more atrocious than any wealthy person's in-your-face Instagram posts. We know, that's a pretty strong statement, especially with people like itslavishb**ch and Instagram's "Playboy King" still posting up a storm.

A Facebook group called "What Happens at Private School Goes on Snapchat" features the posts from some of the wealthiest Snapchatters and unfortunately, it's everything you'd expect it to be. They also have their own Snapchat and Instagram accounts which compile all of the posh posts.

Here are some of the highlights...or lowlights, as the case may be:

'Rich Kids of Beverly Hills' Slum It at Cosmo H.Q.
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