The "Emoji Doctor" Analyzes Your Life Based on Your Recently Used Symbols

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Have you ever looked at your recently used emojis and been like "what the hell is wrong with me?" You've got the sad face, the happy face, the crying face, the BIG smile face, the angry face - you're basically an emoji emotional roller coaster.

Fortunately, if you're too much of a mess to even analyze your recently used emojis, there is an emoji doctor who can do it for you. OK, he's not a real doctor, or even a licensed psychoanalyst, but he's happy to look at your recently used emojis and "tell you what's wrong with your life," as his Tumblr page boasts.

"I have absolutely no experience in psychoanalysis - I'm not even sure I took PSYCH101 in college - so I've really got no right doing this, which makes it way more fun," the Emoji Doctor (aka Daniel Brill) tells Mashable.

So, why is he doing it? "I was texting with a friend and pulled up my own recently used emojis and got a bit worried," he explains. "It was a bunch of distressed faces, booze and exploding things, and I wondered, 'Am I OK?'"

:::Checks recent emoji usage to make sure it isn't filled with distressed faces, booze and exploding things. All right, we're good - for the most part:::

As you can imagine, Daniel's emoji analysis probably isn't going to be changing any lives, but it is kinda funny.

For example, here is his analysis of this texter's recently used emojis:

"I've got no idea what the characters in that bottom row mean. Fortunately, I do speak the international language of Trainwreck. You've managed to use Father Christmas and Jack-O-Lantern in the middle of June, a Thumbs up and Thumbs down, three different cat emotions, and the Ghost, who's sorta like the tea leaf of Emojinalysis. Sometimes he's a fun little mischief maker, sometimes he's accompanied by 18 missed calls at 4:30am and the phrase "I WILL HAUNT YOUR SOUL." Guess which way I'm reading your Ghost, Lindsay?"

If nothing else, this made us all take a close look at our recently used emojis, which, in turn, made us realize we're all kinda crazy.
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