These Awesome International McDonald's Items Make Us Want to Travel the World

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A lot of people miss the comforts of home when they're traveling in other countries. The food is weird, you can't even figure out what some of the menu items mean and if you do figure it out, you can't imagine why anyone would want to eat something so strange.

When it comes to McDonald's, however, other countries obviously have their restaurants, but their food is WAY cooler than what we've got here in the United States.

Take New Zealand, for example. They've got these Georgie Pie things that are basically like chicken pot pies, but fast food style so you don't have to deal with cooking them yourself or going to a sit-down restaurant.

OMG, there's a steak and cheese one...AND this person is eating it with a french fry. WHAT are you waiting for, America?!

Other countries have cool stuff, too. Like Hong Kong, which has sweet taro pies.

Japan has a cheese katsu burger.

Canada has a McLobster (although we're not sure we'd totally be on board with that, but we'd like to have the option NOT to order it).

You get the idea. Other countries have stuff that makes the Big Mac sound totally boring...not that that's going to stop us from eating them, because a Big Mac is a Big Mac, but now that we know there is this whole world of McDonald's amazingness out there, we suddenly have the itch to travel.

Check out the video below to see 13 awesome McDonald's items you can only get in other countries. **Spoiler Alert: One of them has a bubblegum McFlurry**
13 McDonald's Items You Can Only Get Overseas

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