A Woman Is Eating Dog and Cat Food for 30 Days to Prove A Point

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A pet store owner in Washington State is going to the extreme to prove that pets can eat as healthy as humans.

According to the Tri-City Herald, Dorothy Hunter is eating only dog and cat food from her Paw's Natural Pet Emporium stores for 30 days to make her point. She started on June 19, which meant she had to leave the hamburgers and hot dogs behind (unless she chowed down on a dog food variety) for the Fourth of July.

"You would be surprised how tasty dog and cat food can be when it's made right," she reportedly told the Herald. "You really are what you eat and it's the same for your pets. I decided to eat this food for a month just to prove how good it tastes, as well as showcase its nutrition."

Dorothy prides herself on stocking her stores with healthy food for pets, saying, "You won't find empty food in this store. There are no fillers, or animal (byproducts) or preservatives. We also do our best to make sure we do not carry any edible foods from China or products whose ingredients come from China."

So far, her favorite pet foods to munch on have been Tiki canned chicken cat food and dry kibble.

Dorothy isn't the only one chowing down on the doggie grub, though. One of Dorothy's employees has children who like and munch on many of the dog snacks too.

"They even told their teachers, who then asked me if it was true," Amanda Kempf said with a laugh. "Everything is labeled here so you know what you're buying, and you're buying nutrition."

We'll just have to take her word for it.

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