The YouTube Makeup Tutorial All Women Should Watch: How to Be Beautiful Inside and Out

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This is the one makeup tutorial that all women should watch. And yes, this woman is beautiful and her makeup application is flawless, but it's so not about the products and has everything to do with being a confident woman.

We're fans of Anna Akana's videos already, but love that she's addressing what it takes to be beautiful both on the inside and the outside. For her video, titled "How to put on your face," Anna writes in the 'About' description: "The power of make up is incredible, but the power of you is cray cray."

The video might not be what most people are expecting – after all, how many makeup how-to videos have you watched to perfect the cat eye? While Anna does a pretty mean cat eye, watch her explanation for each thing she's putting on her face and how she's really applying things like optimism, confidence, self-esteem and kindness.

She explains in the how-to: "Blending is so important because you want to make sure everything is even and nicely spread out. So intellectually, emotionally physically, spiritually, what are you doing to make sure all these areas are all maintained and balanced."

No-Makeup Makeup Tutorial

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