Jacquie Lee's 'Broken Ones' Lyric Video Premiere (Plus Exclusive Q and A)

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Young talent at its finest.

Jacquie Lee came in second on season 5 of The Voice, and she's still chasing her dreams. The 17-year-old New Jersey native is currently on The Voice tour and just released her debut single, "Broken Ones." Check out the premiere of her lyric video (below) along with our exclusive Q&A.

C: You're only 17 years old, was being a singer the only plan you had?
JL: "I've always been good at school. The plan has always been 'Okay - school, college then find out what you're doing to do from there,' but I always knew I that I wanted to be a singer. I never thought I'd be on such a fast track, but because of The Voice, there was an opportunity and there's nothing I'd rather be doing now."

C: Who inspired you to become a singer?
JL: "I really admire Ed Sheeran's music. Also definitely a lot of classics like The Beatles."

C: Was The Voice the first time you auditioned for a TV singing competition show?
JL: "I actually auditioned for X Factor when I was 13 and I waited in line for like two days in the pouring rain. I got to the first producer audition round and the second one I opened my mouth and they told me to come back when I didn't have braces. So it wasn't fun."

C: You were on Christina Aguilera's team, what's the best advice she gave you?
JL: "She gave me really valuable advice on the business and music side of things. the most valuable was to write everything down in a journal or wherever, just write it all down. And it'll keep you grounded and remind you where your roots are."

C: Can you tell us about the inspiration behind your single, "Broken Ones"?
JL: "For me, it was that everyone has their vices and their issues that they'd like to change. They try to hide and sometimes we all feel alone, but we forget that we're all alone together because we all have issues. Instead of trying to hide it, just embrace it."

C: That was your debut single, when can we expect a full album?
JL: "I'm trying to release an EP in November. An album is scheduled to come out between January and February. The music for that is a little more alternative, it'll have an edge to it."

C: How would you describe your music to someone who's never heard it?
JL: " Deep. Relatable. Escape."

C: Lastly, do you have a celeb crush?
JL: "Not yet! To be determined. I'm very picky. I was that weird kid like 'OMG, Pete Wentz!' Not, 'OMG Justin Bieber!' Pete Wentz."

Check out Jacquie's brand new official lyric video.


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