This 2-Year-Old Amputee Learning to Use His Walker Is the Sweetest Thing You'll See All Day

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When Kayden Elijah Kinckle's mom was pregnant with him, she was told that he would not survive and was advised that she should terminate the pregnancy due to his condition. Kayden suffers from a rare birth defect called Omhalocele, which can cause some organs to remain outside the body.

Despite the warnings, Kayden's mom went through with the pregnancy and while he did have to have his right foot and left leg amputated, Kayden was otherwise pretty healthy. "His spine and hip bones were fine and mentally there were no issues," his mom wrote on YouTube.

In this video, we see the 2-year-old taking his first steps using a walker all by himself. The video is less than two minutes long, but in that short amount of time, Kayden managed to win the hearts of millions of people on the internet.

When he stumbles, he lets out the cutest little "whoa" you've ever heard and he gets right back up. And when they try to give him too much assistance on his solo venture, he's quick to tell them "I got it!" You do, little buddy, you do...

**For more on Kayden's journey or to learn how you can help the family pay for his physical therapy and other medical needs, visit their GoFundMe page**
2-Year-Old Learns to Walk On Prosthetics, Tells Mom 'I Got It!'
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