Britney Spears' Vocals on Leaked "Alien" Recording Are Somewhat Underwhelming

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We've obviously all heard the Britney Spears vocal track that leaked a few years ago, which was supposedly the audio from her mic while she was on stage.

If you haven't heard it, you didn't miss much. Basically, the idea was that what is coming out of her mouth and what the audience are hearing are slightly different vocal versions of the same song.

Obviously, a lot happens in the studio...with Brit or any other artist. After all, isn't that part of the reason they have studios and mixers and all that fun stuff?

In this leaked version of Britney's "Alien," the pop star's voice sounds like either a 1st grade talent show or a drunk person at a karaoke bar. Maybe a mix of the two.

After the track leaked, everyone started freaking out because apparently they thought that Britney REALLY has that mechanical weird voice that we hear in her songs. Obviously, she doesn't, but it sounds like she doesn't have the horrible one we heard in this audio, either.

The track's producer took to his Facebook page to defend Britney, saying she is "beyond stellar" and that the leaked audio was just her warm-up.

We're actually team Britney on this one. Warm-up or not, shouldn't we all kind of assume that when we hear the final product of a song, it's received the musical equivalent of a Photoshop treatment?

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