Did Jaden Smith Put a Ring on It? Kylie Jenner Posts Pic With a Ring on THAT Finger

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jaden smith, kylie jenner
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Oh, and there's also the fact that Jaden was one of the elite group of guests invited to the KimYe wedding...AND they were supposedly making out at the reception, so you do the math.

Anyway, a few hours before she posted the happy b-day message to Jaden, Kylie posted a pic of herself and she's wearing a ring on THAT finger.

We know, we know, Kylie has a ton of rings and they bounce around between different fingers a lot. Usually, though, she's wearing a few at a time and they're usually skulls or something along those lines.

This one looks different, not only because it's the ONLY ring she was wearing, but because it looks like a band with something (a diamond, perhaps?) on it.

No, we don't think they got engaged, but could he have given her a promise ring? Maybe it's one of her skull rings (like the smaller one in the photo below) that just got twisted? What do you guys think? Are Kylie and Jaden getting serious or does the ring mean nothing?

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