Has Taylor Swift Secretly Been Dating BMX Pro Kenny Sanders?

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Has little miss Taylor Swift been yanking our cranks this entire time? Has she had a secret boyfriend for the past year? That's what some people are saying.

GraziaDaily recently reported that Taylor has been enjoying a secret romance with clothing enterprenuer and former BMX pro Kenny Sanders since last year. As much as we'd like that to be true, Taylor's rep reportedly told MailOnline that it's not true.

A source told the mag that, "They started chatting online and had their first date at The Ritz-Carlton in LA."

"They've been quietly dating each other since, and taking each day as it comes, but she's really smitten, and the feeling's mutual," the insider added.

This isn't the only hottie Taylor's been linked to lately. It seems like every week she's supposedly dating another one of Hollywood's latest hunks. Poor girl.

We could totally see Tay digging Kenny, though. He's def her type looks wise, and he's successful. All things she's apparently into. See pics of him, here. And who can blame her if she's keeping her love life on the DL?

What do you think about Taylor's latest rumored boyfriend? Think they've really been dating for a year now?

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