Jenni "JWoww" Farley Shares Bare Baby Bump Pic at Nine Months Pregnant

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Jenni "JWoww" Farley has had a tough pregnancy to say the least. Early on in her pregnancy, she had a pretty big scare when a doctor discovered a cyst on her daughter's brain in the ultrasound and referred her to a specialist.

Fortunately, the cyst went away, but JWoww still admitted that "pregnancy and me don't mix," which we can't blame her for because while we've heard of a lot of women saying they loved being pregnant, we've never actually met any of those women.

"[Pregnancy] is the worst thing ever," JWoww admitted on her pal Nicole Polizzi's podcast." "It's terrible. Now that I'm at my last couple of weeks, can't sleep. When you eat, you get heartburn. You can't move. You're out of breath."

She's also been suffering from sciatica, which causes some pretty serious pain. To make matters worse, when she tried to apply ice to the painful area, she ended up with frostbite. Yes, frostbite. In June...

Anyway, despite all of the pain and all of the other (not fun at all) stuff that goes along with being pregnant, she's over-the-moon excited to meet her baby girl and she shared one final baby bump photo with her fans.

"My last week... It better be!!! Can't wait to meet my baby girl!!" she captioned the photo. We have to say, she looks amazing for nine months pregnant, but we know she's miserable, so we can't wait for her to have her little bundle of joy and be done with the pregnancy part.

The first-time mom is due any day now, so stay tuned for updates.
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