Guy Impersonating 29 Celebrities Reveals Video Was a Hoax: See How He Faked It!

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We feel so betrayed. Remember that guy who did an amazing 29 celebrity impressions while singing an original song? He didn't do one single impersonation. Not a one. The video was a total hoax. It's not the first time a viral video has tricked the masses and it certainly won't be the last time, we're sure.

We ignored the comments that said it was all a could it be? There are certainly talented people out there that could do this, right? Sure there are, but not this guy. Rob Cantor, who impressed us with his impressions, returned to post another YouTube video yesterday to explain how he pulled the whole thing off.

"'29 Celebrity Impressions, 1 Original Song' was created with the help of eleven impressionists and one trumpet player," he revealed in the description, noting in the video that he "cannot do a single celebrity impression." There were in fact talented people doing celeb impersonations, but it wasn't all him.

Moment of truth time: did you fall for it?
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