Jesse McCartney's Surprising Must Haves While on Tour and Go-To Shower Song

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After taking a brief hiatus from music to focus on acting, Jesse McCartney is back with a brand new album and he's heading on the road.

In Technicolor drops on July 22 and he's already got tour dates lined up across the country. So when Cambio caught up with the pop star in our NYC studios, we had to know what his must haves are while he's away from home for awhile.

The 27-year-old's not a diva when it comes to his dressing room must haves, but Jesse does require one special request: his own bedding. "I have to have my own pillow...and my own blanket and sheets," he shared. "When it comes to sleeping, I like to be hygienic, so that's a must."

And while he doesn't have any crazy food demands on his rider, Jesse would like a minute to himself on bathroom breaks. On a past summer tour, a group of girls followed his tour bus around the entire time. "We'd get off the bus at a 7-11 or something to use the restroom and I'd like, 'Can I go to the bathroom?' But I think it's awesome the fans are so supportive," he explains.

Jesse also likes his private time in the shower, where he belts out a certain hit song while lathering up. "You could probably catch me singing a little Beyonce 'Drunk in Love' right now," he admits, although he refused to sing it for us.

Find out where you can see Jesse perform live this summer (just not in his shower).
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