Lady Gaga Takes a Ride in a Trash Elevator

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Most of us think being a celebrity is all glitz and glam - and probably 90% of it is, but the other 10% is not amazing. At all.

They are constantly hounded by paparazzi who often yell things at them in order to get good photos and when it isn't a crowd of photogs surrounding them, it's a swarm of fans.

Sometimes, the stars just need a little peace. When they go to restaurants, clubs, concerts and other crowded places, they don't always just walk in the front door the way you and I do.

Underground tunnels, back entrances, service elevators - there are a lot of different strategies they use and they aren't always glamorous. In this case, Lady Gaga was riding a trash elevator.

We're not sure exactly where she was, but that was probably the point. "Trash Elevator #howglamorous," she captioned this photo. Yeah, not so much.

While we can't imagine some celebs being down with riding a trash elevator, the pop star has admitted that she sometimes stays in dingy motels and we KNOW Gaga loves a good dive bar, so if anyone would be chill enough to take a ride with people's rotten banana peels, it would definitely be Mother Monster.
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