Not Hot! Girl Accidentally Sends Nude Pic to Her Dad

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We have all had our fair share of text fails. Sometimes you reply to the wrong message (bonus points if you were talking about the person you accidentally replied to), sometimes you accidentally reply to a group message - the potential for failure is pretty much unlimited in the world of texting. When it comes to sexting, the stakes are obviously MUCH higher.

Case in point: Nyjah Cousar. That name might not mean anything to you right now, but Nyjah will forever go down in history as "the girl who sent the naked pic to her dad."

Long story short, Nyjah is sexy and she knows it - so she snapped a nude photo to send to her man, Daquan. You see where this is going, don't you? Never, ever trust auto-fill!

Apparently, "D-a-q-u-a-n" was close enough to "D-a-d-d-y" in her contacts and the rest is history. Fortunately for us, Nyjah shared the mortifying moment on social media. Here's a quick snapshot of what went down:

First things first, this seems like the absolute WRONG time for FaceTime if there ever was one. For his sake, we'll chalk that one up to sheer shock and panic.

So, what exactly was sent to him? We really only know half the story, because dad was blowin' up her phone and when she took a screenshot, only half of the pic was showing. You get the idea, though...

Obviously, pops wasn't gonna let this one slide. When Nyjah didn't pick up the phone, he drove to her house and let's just say Dad was MAD! She posted a video of him walking up the driveway (still looking at his phone lol) and when he finally got in, he had a few choice words for his daughter.

If you want to hear them, you can head over to her Instagram and watch the various videos she posted of the incident.

For those who just want a quick recap:

1- Dad came in the house and started banging on the bathroom door
2- Nyjah wouldn't open the door
3- He yelled
4- She still wouldn't open it
5- He yelled some more
6- Repeat steps 2-5
7- He decided to just yell through the door, dropping phrases like, "It's called Twitter, not Tit-er."

In the future, maybe Snapchat would be a better fit for Nyjah's texting needs?
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