Why Is Lady Gaga Wearing This Mask?

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For those of us who have to go to the dentist a lot, we know that we're pretty much willing to do whatever it takes to reduce the pain.

After all, where else do we voluntarily submit to getting shots other than the dentist? Yes, they can sometimes hurt, too, but it's better than the alternative. Way better.

Turns out, Lady Gaga is no different than the rest of us. Mother Monster posted this pic of herself at the dentist with the caption "Gettin sh**ty at the dentist," with what looks like a laughing gas (aka nitrous oxide) mask on her face.

We're not sure what Gaga was getting done, but when used properly, laughing gas can definitely help ease the anxiety that goes along with dental treatments.

Still, knowing that nitrous is often abused (outside of the clinical setting), we kinda of worry what message this is sending to Gaga's fans, given the caption she included with the photo.

What do you guys think? Is this pic/caption sending the wrong message?
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