Jenny Trout Promised Herself She'd Wear a Bikini This Summer

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When Jenny Trout made her New Year's resolution to wear a bikini this summer, everyone was so curious to know "how" she was going to do it?

"What a great goal! What are you doing? Weight Watchers? Jenny Craig? Are you going vegan? Paleo? Are you having the surgery?" ...those were just some of the questions that were thrown her way.

Do you wanna know how she did it? She put on a freaking bikini, because THAT'S how you get into a bikini.

See, Jenny said she was going to get into a bikini, but she never said she was trying to lose weight - people just assumed. Why? Because Jenny doesn't fit the image of female "bikini bodies" that we see plastered all over magazines, on the runway or in our Victoria's Secret catalogs.

"Presumably I, as a fat woman, would not know how to properly operate the complicated piece of equipment known as a bikini," Jenny shared in her Huffington Post piece. She added that some people even had the nerve to say she would be "glorifying obesity" by baring her body in such a way.

Well, guess what? Jenny wore her bikini this summer and as she so perfectly put it, "nothing happened." The earth didn't explode, the birds didn't stop chirping, the fish didn't stop swimming. She wore her bikini and nothing happened.

At the end of the day, Jenny's choice of swimwear had absolutely nothing to do with the way she looked IN it and everything to do with the way she looked AT it...and herself.
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