Why Is Everyone Freaking Out About This Photo?

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Kim Kardashian posted this odd-looking photo on her Instagram account on Thursday. Once everyone figured that she was laying on a blanket and not leaning up against a rock wall, that explained the sort of smushed position she was in.

Don't worry, though, the critics found something new to pick on. The easy target would have been the blanket, which definitely looks like it's some sort of fur. A couple of people asked if it was chinchilla and a few others asked if it was fur, but they were in a very small minority.

The rest of the commenters were much more concerned with the fact that :::gasp::: Kim was wearing makeup in bed. In her caption, she said she was "off to bed," so we know she wasn't just resting and oh my gosh, how could she commit such a horrible makeup misstep?

Believe it or not, there are A TON of people who feel very strongly about the subject. Much stronger than the fact that she may or may not have been laying on a giant fur blanket, surprisingly.

Some warned her that she would get pimples, others were just horrified at the mere idea that she would sleep with her makeup on when all girls are taught that they're supposed to take it off before bed.

Knowing Kim, the makeup was probably brushed up for the photo and we don't know if she took it off before she actually went to sleep or not, nor do we care. Obviously whatever she's doing with her skincare regimen is working just fine.
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