Bethenny Frankel Flaunts Tiny Figure in 4-Year-Old Daughter's Clothes, Impresses No One

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Bethenny Frankel caused quite a stir when she posted this picture on her Instagram page on Sunday. First of all, the outfit is ridiculous unless you're a child. Second of all, it IS a child's outfit - her child's.

"This is my daughter's nightgown and PJ shorts. Think we're ready to start sharing clothes yet?" she captioned the pic of herself proudly posing in the ill-fitting attire.

Bethenny's daughter is four years old. Bethenny is 43. Now, we're all about feeling good at any age, but what does putting this outfit on (and posting it) actually accomplish?

People were quick to criticize Bethenny's little joke, with many people wondering what kind of message it's sending to her daughter.

"Just because you can fit into your 4 year olds clothing doesn't mean you should. Maybe she's having trouble accepting she's in her 40s. Not a good message to her fans or her daughter," one person wrote.

"This is disappointing...being able to fit into a 4 yr olds clothes isn't something to be proud of or funny. I held you to better than this. I have always related to your sense of humor and I understand this wasn't meant to be taken seriously but as a celebrity you need to be careful," another chimed in.

We actually agree with them on this one. If she's trying to tell us that she's skinny, we were well-aware of that before she squeezed herself into this tiny outfit. If not that, we can't imagine what kind of message she WAS trying to send, but we don't think we necessarily want to hear it, either.

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