Did Brody Jenner Just Diss Kim Kardashian? Skips KimYe Wedding, But Attends Kim's Ex's Nuptials

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The most infamous non-attendee to Kim Kardashian's wedding was Rob Kardashian, who bailed at the very last minute, but before any of that, there was a lot of interest as to why step-brother Brody Jenner chose not to attend the nuptials.

Unlike Rob, he didn't even act like he was gonna go, he was a "regretfully decline" RSVP from the start. Originally, Brody thought he might not even get invited. Turns out, he was, but he still decided not to go.

Supposedly, he was mad because he didn't get a "plus one" for his girlfriend, whom he had just started dating when the invites were sent. On one of his podcasts, he claimed that the reason he skipped was because he had a work commitment. Either way, he didn't go.

This weekend, however, Brody wasn't letting anything get in the way of his attendance at Reggie Bush's wedding. Yes, the same Reggie Bush that Kim dated for three years. Reggie's wife is also a total Kim lookalike. So...that's all a little awkward.

We know there have been some ebbs and flows with the Kardashian and Jenner kids' relationships, but it seems kind of strange that he would ditch Kim's wedding and then attend her ex's just weeks later.

What do you guys think? Did Brody diss Kim or do you think the work schedule just worked out for Reggie's wedding?

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