Girl Who Accidentally Sent Her Dad a Nude Photo Looking for Reality TV Deal

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Remember that girl who accidentally sent her dad a nude photo last week? If you haven't read the cringe-worthy story, we'll sum it up for you. She sent her dad the nude because she was trying to send it to someone named "Daquan" and her contact list apparently pulled up "Daddy" instead.

Dad got mad, came over to the house and started banging on the bathroom door, yelling things like "it's Twitter, not Tit-ter." It was some pretty funny stuff, but WHY would someone be recording in a moment like that? Oh, and she posted it online and the story went viral. See where this is going?

Now the girl (Nyjah Cousar) is apparently looking for a reality TV show deal, which would explain the whole "why was she filming all of that?" situation. It was pretty much her audition tape. A lot of people have wondered if the whole thing was real or not to begin with and this just adds more fuel to the fire.

Real or not (does reality TV care, anyway?) her little trick seems to have worked. TMZ reports that the 23-year-old claims she's been contacted by managers and publicists, but she's only interested in doing reality TV.

Well, it certainly wouldn't be the first time a regrettable moment from someone's sex life helped them score a reality show.

Do you guys think she'll end up getting a show? If you didn't already think the sexting situation was staged, are you questioning it now?
Girl Accidentally Sends Dad Naked Selfie, Live Tweets Aftermath
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