Teen Mom 2 Sneak Peek: Who's YOUR Daddy?

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Leah Calvert's life has been somewhat complicated to say the least. When she was 16, she got pregnant with Corey Simms, a guy who she barely even knew. To make things even more difficult, they found out they were having twins and later found out that their precious little girl Ali has a very rare form of muscular dystrophy.

To their credit, Leah and Corey tried to make it work and after a brief marriage, they realized they just weren't right for each other and called it quits.

Now, Corey is married to someone new (Miranda) and Leah also has a new spouse (Jeremy) with whom she has since had another child.

Leah and Corey's twins are four now and they're getting old enough to understand (or not understand, as the case may be) what is going on in their family. They know that they have a little sister (Leah and Jeremy's chld), but they don't understand why she doesn't call Corey "Daddy."

In this sneak peek from the season premiere, we see Leah struggling with her dad's relationship to everyone else. We also hear them discussing the struggles Ali is having with her condition and Corey shares something really sad that Ali told him.

Teen Mom 2 returns Wednesday, July 16 at 10 p.m.
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