Colbie Caillat "Try" Video: Women Strip Down in the Most Beautiful Way Ever

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Colbie Caillat is using her new music video "Try" to spread a message of empowerment, acceptance and beauty by having women strip down – to their bare faces. Tired of the ridiculous standards for women to always have perfect hair and makeup, and perhaps a little bit over with the constant celeb and model Photoshopping, Colbie used her talent to show how makeup-free can truly be beautiful.

She recently told Elle magazine: "When I see gorgeous models and singers and they look perfect on their album covers, it makes me want to look like that, too, and it makes me feel like if I don't Photoshop my skin on my album cover, I'm the one who's going to look a little off and everyone else is going to look perfect. And that's what everyone is used to seeing."

The video shoot was eye-opening to Colbie, who shared, "When I shot the first scene with no hair and make-up on in front of an HD camera in my face, flashed with bright lights, everyone was watching. I thought, 'Oh my god, I bet they're all looking at my blemishes, thinking that I should cover them up, or that I should put some volume in my hair.' But it also felt really cool to be on camera with zero on, like literally nothing on."

She added, "'Then when it got to the full hair and make-up, I actually felt gross. It was just so caked on."

Colbie's video goes perfectly with this amazing makeup tutorial that teaches women how to be beautiful inside and out.
Watch Colbie Caillat's Anti-Photoshop Video
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